Multiple POV


I have a series planned in my head and am planning the story from 3 characters' POV. The problem is I don't want to switch back and forth every chapter or every 2 chapters. Is it normal for a book with multiple POVs to have 1 character speak for 5 chapters then another for maybe only 2? To keep some mystery 1 of the characters wouldn't be able to have a POV for a good chunk of the book in the beginning. Later on it could switch more consistently though.


I see no problem with what you are planning to do.

You are free to spend as much or as little time with any POV character as you choose, so long as it serves the story. You certainly don't have to switch every chapter or at regular intervals. Being completely predictable is not an asset.

You also don't have to develop your POV characters equally. You may have one as the main character and others as secondary, or any other arrangement that works.

Every story is different and must be told in the way that is best for that story. That's all that really matters in the end.
Best of luck.

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