Multiple MC's = Multiple Intros?

by Krishna

Question: Not sure if this was already answered or not.. I read a few similar posts but wasn't sure. If there are multiple characters, and every story needs an introduction, can there be multiple introductions of the characters?

(Chapt. 1) Character One: Intro, then inciting incident

(Chapt. 2) Charaxter Two: Intro, inciting incident

Is this possible or would it be a wiser route to just change the sort of path I have now and have a few of them 'bump into each other' so to speak?

I really have on idea how I would make this work.

Answer: The inciting incident is an event that is part of the overall throughline. It is the event that upsets the balance of the story world, initiates the pursuit of the story goal, creates a new opportunity, or sets in motion a chain of events that will affect most of the characters. Almost never is there more than one inciting incident. (The exception would be to have two completely different stories with only a marginal connection, such Stephen King's Different Seasons which is four separate novellas within an anthology.)

On the other hand, a character introduction is simply the first time the character enters the story. Every character, by definition, has an introduction.

If the character being introduced is a point-of-view character, then you probably want the introduction to be an event that shows who this person is and how they do things, before the story events have a chance to pressure them to change.

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