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Question: I'm currently developing a story with three main characters, but there is one core story with one of these characters as the main one. I really want to create three equal storylines though. Is this possible, or should I just make subplots out of the other two characters' throughlines ?

For clarification: the story will be about three childhood friends whose lives change drastically when one of them gets in an accident. So the accident and its complications for the victim will be the core story, but I want to make the others' reactions equally important. Can this be done?

Answer: Yes, it can be done. The usual approach is to have an overall story throughline which all three point-of-view characters share, while giving each POV character her own throughline.

The tricky part comes when two or more of these characters are present in the same scene. You have to decide whose point of view you want to tell that scene from and not confuse the reader by jumping around or providing information that the POV character could not be aware of (like what another character is thinking).

Readers like to know whose head they are in.

The other devilishly tricky part is that a POV character generally has an impact character to stimulate their inner conflict. Whether this is one of the other POV characters or someone else is something you can have fun deciding. But three POV characters suggests as many as three impact characters.

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Mar 06, 2013
3 main characters
by: Carole

As a matter of fact I wrote a book with 4 main characters, rotating chapters for each POV. It was ultimately rejected by an agent as needing more focus and less POV's. Of course, having discovered Dramatica, I now realise that there were serious structural problems, too, which I am addressing. But I think you are setting yourself a very difficult task by having more than one Main character. I am finding it much easier now that I am focussing on one POV.

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