Mini flashbacks/ snapshots throughout story

by Uchiha Sasuke

Question: My MC has a really traumatic experience in the past with his brother. He and his brother were very close before. So throughout the story so far I have 3 or 4 mini flashbacks of his life with his brother when he was young, or his life a few days before the traumatic experience. I think this adds to the emotions of the MC, he thinks about his brother a lot.

Is this bad for the story, or OK?

P.S by Mini flashbacks i mean more like snapshots, 200 words at the max

Answer: It's neither good nor bad. It's all in how you do it. Memories or exposition regarding the past can help the reader understand the character and what is happening in the present.

You have to just trust your instincts in the writing process.

Later, when your finished a draft, you can show it to someone and see if the flashbacks caused them any difficulties or confusion.

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Dec 14, 2014
Good Question
by: Jacob

Could help me in the future with my book. Thanks.

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