Messing with genres in a trilogy

by Rob

Question: My rookie novel has been gestating for many years. As such it evolved an over abundance of ideas. So to resolve this I am considering developing them into a trilogy.

The over arching philosophical theme is the notion that clinging to your own truths can mean you become closed to a greater Truth. The emotional theme is about identity and reconciliation.
It begins with a woman trying to find out what happened to her father who was lost while trekking in India. She teams up with a detective and they discover that her father has been murdered by the leader of a religious cult. I am trying for adventure/detective.

By end of book one, she finds out more about her father and also knows the killers identity. But turns out her father was searching for evidence of Jesus in India. What he discovered led to his murder.

MC undergoes a change here from passive character to instigator of events.

Book two pursues the notion of the claim that her father was after and she uncovers all sorts of intriguing clues that suggest Jesus taught in India and wrote secret teachings etc. so this is more your Dan Brown mystery type genre. It ends with the mystery being revealed and a location identified. Bad guy from book 1 and MC pursue same location. Bad guy for power, MC to find out about what happened to her father (turns out he wasn't murdered after all, I know, I know!)

Final book - mystery/fantasy where main characters travel through Tibet and converge on secret location to unravel the mystery a la shambhala style. Father's story is finally revealed and there is a complex reconciliation between him and the MC.

So from detective to mystery to fantasy. Would I alienate my audience?

I think I could find a way of maintaining the main themes, character arcs whilst getting rid of the fantastical elements.

Any help much appreciated.

Answer: This may or may not be helpful, but I honestly don't see a problem at this point. Go write it.

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