Manuscript Formating

Question: How do you format a manuscript when there is differing points of view? Each chapter of my book is told from a different pov, so should I put the character name in the title? Or, is there a guideline for this?

Thank you.

Answer: Some authors put the POV character's name in the chapter title to help the reader understand when the POV changes. Others rely on a distinct change in voice or other clues. (For instance, in 3rd person, changing the POV is much easier because you can use the character's name to let the reader know immediately whose perspective they are now seeing the story from.)

However, there is no rule or guideline, other than you should make the change clear to the reader in some manner. It's a matter of what works well for your story and what narrative mode you are using.

You might try looking at some novels written from multiple perspectives and see how these authors met the challenge to get some ideas.

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