Making repetative events in a story interesting.

by John

Hello! I am attempting to write a fiction book that spans the everyday life of a teen, and the adventure of a fantasy novel. A problem I am having is that the plot requires each of the main cast to be kidnapped and saved throughout the first seven months while they try to figure out what is going on and why this is happening.

My question is: How do I make these similar events interesting, and not feel repetitive or boring?

Answer: That's a challenge, but here are a few thoughts...

1. Is it necessary to show each kidnapping? Some make be shown, but after a while it might make sense to simply summarize the others.

2. It's probably not necessary to show each kidnapping in the same amount of detail, especially if some elements are the same.

3. Consider showing different parts of the kidnapping with each character, so that there is no repetition.

4. Make each kidnapping distinct from the others. Have the kidnappers use a different MO each time. Change the setting as well, if possible.

5. Perhaps have a continuing mystery as to what is going on. Each kidnapping could provide some details but also raise new questions so that the reader has to keep going to get answers.

6. Focus on the characters and their inner thoughts and feelings more than the event itself.

7. Ask yourself why you need seven kidnappings. How does each advance the drama in some essential way? Would leaving some out really create plot holes?

Best of luck.

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