Locate Keys ... but how?

by Mary James

Question: When my angels (3) are going to earth to protector it, they get attacked by demons. they are carrying a box, which contains God's tears (which is a liquid with high level of power and healing abilities) and 3 keys that can open it and the demons fight them to steal it because they want their master to have a physical form and they can steal the box and 2 keys. ... Oh and they lost their powers when they get to earth (just have the power to see people's auras). The angels ask for scientists to help.

How can the angels locate the other keys and box when the only evidence they got is the key? ... Oh and they lost their powers when they get to earth (just have the power to see people's auras)

Answer: Writers have a top-secret, powerful method for coping for problems like this. There are three parts to this method:

Part 1. You must harness your imagination and make something up.

If this comes easily to you, feel free to skip to Part 3.

If this does not come easily to you, you can develop this power by making a long list of possible solutions (e.g. list all the things the angels could do to locate the keys). Try for 100 or so. Don't worry whether the possibilities make sense or seem practical or follow physical laws. Let your imagination run wild at this point.

If you get stuck, try doing some research on the methods used by private investigators, police detectives, explorers, or other professional finders.

Part 2. Circle the items on the list that you like. Narrow them down to a handful of methods you want your characters to use.

Part 3. Make sure your choices make sense. Ask yourself a lot of questions about each one. Look for anything illogical. Then revise your ideas until they do make sense.

Best of luck.

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