Just Kidding! I'm a Good Guy

by Rose

Question: How can one make the reader see the hero as a villain? My protagonist is an extremely selfless and gentle guy, but the main character sees him as skewed and evil because of a choice he made. How do I make the reader perceive this heroic protagonist as a villain when he's pretty obviously a good guy?

Answer: I'm not sure from your question if this guy is a genuine villain or if that's just the main character's opinion. However, your reader will see things through the main character's eyes. If the main character is also the narrator, he can express his opinion about the protagonist directly to the reader. If the main character is not the narrator, the reader is still privy to his opinions. Give us the main character's thoughts about the protagonist. Explain why he doesn't trust or approve of this guy. Show us the main character's inner reactions to the protagonist.

You can also show what other people think of the protagonist (especially if their opinion is different from the main character) by having the main character witness their reactions to the protagonist.

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