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by Krishna

Question: I'm unsure as to which category this would fall under, but my writing partner and I are having trouble agreeing or understanding things to do with story structure and plot.

So far, we seem to have a basic outline for the first half of our plot but can't seem to decide between a few things and prerequisites. We can't decide if the main character's father should pass away in order to effect the story later. After our main character sees something he shouldn't, he decides to run away, he either runs away with his friend or on his own because his friend warns him.. I don't know yet. Either way, when it comes to his running away, his mother sends minions after him and such, etc. How do we make the story compelling and have certain events tie into each other to make sense at the end of the novel? I attempted to word this better because this isn't exactly the proper question, but I tried :3

Answer: Have you checked out this article on the W-Plot...

Two principles will help you with plotting.

1. As Aristotle points out, a story is a series of events, linked by cause and effect, that show a change in fortune for the main character.

2. All events follow the same basic structure:

setup --> complication --> crisis --> resolution

The setup introduces the situation. The complication intensifies the drama. The crisis is the decisive turning point. The resolution shows how things worked out in the end. This pattern can be applied to scenes, acts, entire novels, etc.

Using the W-Plot model, try to map out the four acts of your plot, so that the first three acts build to a crisis and the fourth acts shows how the crisis is resolved. Put the 8 basic plot elements at places within this structure that feel appropriate.

(Sometimes it helps to get a broad sense of the story as a whole before you get too involved in the details of the first act.)

After you have an overall sense of the story, feel free to question it (to find inconsistencies), brainstorm solutions, and implement solutions until it feels right.

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