Is my plot any good?

by TennisChickk

Question: I am a young writer and I love wolves, werewolves, sci-fi, and that kind of stuff. But I was wondering if this would be a good plot. By the way the book is about werewolves and the names Susi and James are different characters in the books and the foxes are also shapeshifters. Plot: Not only is The Lycan Academy unaware that James has shifted and gained a fox friend by the time that they found him. But also that Susi is starting to find out more about who she is, what she can do, and what she's meant to do.

That was my plot or Plot summary and I want to know what you think.

Answer: What you have here is an idea, not a plot. It's not a bad idea. And you could develop it into a good plot outline, by just adding some more details. I suggest you take a look at this article which might help you fill in some of the missing pieces...

In particular, think about the goal of the story. What problem will that characters try to solve or overcome? What will they try to achieve? And will they succeed?

Is Susi the fox? Perhaps try to answer the questions you already have posed. Who is she? What can she do? What is she meant to do? (Is that the goal?) Why has she lost her memory? Who or what is the enemy here? If the Lycan Academy are displeased that James has made friends with a fox, what's their problem with foxes? Is there a message here about prejudice?

I'm just asking questions that pop into my mind when reading your idea. You should do the same until you have a more fleshed out plot outline.

Worth doing in my opinion.

Best of luck.

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