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by john montes

Question: My story has to do with an assassin. The story starts out as the main character is after someone within a building and from there the audience learns who the assassin is to an extent, who the victim is, a bit about the cryptic relationship with the victims and that the assassin is after others in another city and the boss is revealed. A bit right after the chapter the readers learn that an assassin organization is also that same said assassin abandoned the organization and that same organization is after her. A bit about her intent and a cryptic reason why she's after her victims as for the organization the readers learn they don't want to kill her an they wish for the main protagonist to return but they betrayed her somehow and to an extent that is revealed. Quickly after the kill scene we find one is attempting to kill her immediately after and they go at it. The readers learn for the first time that's a member of the organization she left and is being hunted.

The next segment of the chapter we get a little in depth about her, the organization and the victims that did her wrong from dialogue between her and a private investigator. The victims years ago victimized the assassin and another that is close to her a long time ago. she left the organization due to some sort of mistrust and she is too withdrawn to say more so I plan on doing past sequences that explain a little more and more about what's going on with her, her mindset, why she is the way she is, how she interacts wit those that are around her and about those that were close to her

You probably notice
there is a lot of bouncing around and few tings being revealed gradually as the story progresses weather by dialogue, flashback or something that she thinks are relates too. Can I write this way to attempt to draw the readers in her story or is it too confusing and I should change it up like reveal a bit more sooner then later so people don't get put off by the lack of gradual information on what's going on

so this is a revenge, action, mystery, road trip dark story that takes in the present day. thanks I appreciate the help respond when you can.

Answer: You have to trust your own instincts regarding what point you reveal information. When you read over the chapter, do you find yourself responding emotionally the way you want your reader to?

There's nothing wrong with creating a little suspense by revealing the backstory gradually as when reader needs to know it. Readers of thrillers like the mental exercise of trying to figure out what's going on and later seeing if they are right. Just make sure the action in the present makes sense and that the backstory will make sense once it is all revealed.

It is also a good idea in an action-oriented story like this to begin with an event that involves action, rather than a lengthy info dump.

The most important thing in a first chapter is to engage the reader. You want to show the reader that the story he's getting into is exactly the type of story he likes to read. You want to give him a taste of the what the story is about. So, in a thriller, a little thrill is entirely appropriate. You can always provide more exposition in the lulls between action events.

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