is it too cliche and shouldn't be continued!

Hi! In a book that I am planning there's a vampire and an angel and they fall in love but their love is forbidden and the angel's brother wants his mate the vampire etc. but it all seems to cliched and its been done so many times that i am worried that people will think its horrible?

Also I was wondering how long you can stress the description of a person, place, smell etc before it gets too long?

hope you can help me thanks!


1. You can make an old idea work as long as you do something interesting and different with it. There are very few wholly original ideas, but there are infinite combinations of ideas or new slants on ideas. For instance, you want people to say "No one's ever done vampire/angel forbidden love like this before!"

Of course, if the idea seems cliched to you, your instincts may be right. Perhaps you can change the concept. Make it something that you find fresh and exciting and chances are other people will too.

2. Most of the time, you only need a few telling details to capture a character or setting.

However, it does depend on what type of scene it is. In a faster-paced scene, too many details slow the action. For instance, if an action hero is in the middle of a chase scene, you're not going to have him relate all the details of the beautiful sunset taking place, because it would be unrealistic for him to take in such detail at that moment. On the other hand, if he's relaxing with a beautiful woman whom he's falling in love with, more details about her would make perfect sense because that's where his attention is.

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