Is it a thriller or something else?

by Marco Rossi

Hi Glen,

Would the story below classify as a thriller or something else? At the moment it's just an idea. I also guess that this is the type of thing that's been done a million times, right?

Here's the type of thing I'm thinking about: an unspecified country is approaching the end of a long and bloody revolution. Shortly before the end of the revolution, the generals get together to decide who’s going to be minister of what, and more importantly, how to carve out the country for themselves, especially the natural resources. Needless to say, they will be the only ones to profit, and they will betray all those who fought on their behalf.

There may not be much action in the sense of blood and guts, but the idea behind the story is to show how it's part of a plan.

Thanks for your help


Answer: Sounds more like political fiction to me.

To make it a political thriller, there would have to be strong use of suspense, implied threats, intrigue, unexpected plot twists, anxiety, and mystery. Lots of conflict should be happening below the surface so that the main character has to work to figure out what's going on, who he can trust, etc. (And there will be times when he gets it wrong.) The impact character in particular will be someone the main character has a hard time deciding whether he can trust.

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