Interesting, as now I need help in God or god in a sentence?


Hello again Glen and thank you so much about the way to write numbers as with hyphens.

Now I have a question on how you put God when it's a sentence like: "Good God! That was nuts!" or "Good god! That was nuts!"
Could you give me examples? As with "Good or should it be written " Good?
I gave you an old email site so below I'll put my updated one below!
Thank you so very much!

Answer: We live in a Christian-centric culture. Because of that, the tradition is to use "god" when referring to pagan, pre-Christian, or non-Christian gods - particularly those that are part of a pantheon of gods such as were at the centre of ancient Greek, Roman, or Egyptian cultures.

If you are referring to the entity at the centre of one of the three big monotheistic religions (Judaism, Christianity, or Islam), the convention is to write "God." The capitalization is used as a sign of respect and also because these religions think in terms of "the one God" as opposed to "a god" among many. So "God," is more of a proper noun.

When people swear using the word "God" in our culture, they are usually referring to the Judeo-Christian God, so a capital is appropriate. (We are long past the days when someone might say, "By Jove," a reference to the Roman god Jupiter, in order to avoid swearing.)

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