Including a subplot in a synopsis

by Warren
(St. Louis, Missouri, USA)

Question: Your Steps in Writing a Synopsis is very thorough and helpful. One question I have, however, is how or where to include discussion about a subplot in the novel.



Answer: The purpose of a subplot is usually to look at a theme from a different perspective than the main plot. Or it may be a chance to explore a secondary relationship.

Subplots are often less developed than your main plot, but you can use the 8 elements to develop the story for a subplot as well (or you might just want to use the first four -- goal, consequence, requirements, and forewarnings).

Like any plotline, a subplot usually needs at least three or four events to give it a complete arc. Either...

setup --> complication --> crisis --> resolution

Or maybe...

setup --> conflict --> resolution

Once you have chosen the events of your subplot, you have to figure out where to insert them into the story. If you have several different plotlines or throughlines, it can be a big job deciding how to braid them all into one sequence of events.

Best of luck.

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by: Warren


Thanks so much for the clear and helpful advice about subplots in the synopsis. I feel much more comfortable in my preparation with you step by step help.


St. Louis

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