Impact Character Outline

by Brett

Hi, so I plan to write in first person and got curious about the impact character. When you say "The impact character's story" do you mean that they should have their own dilemma and story, or do you mean events that the impact character is involved in, also with the main character?


Answer: I mean the arc in which the impact character exerts an influence on the main character. This is a series of events in which the main character observes the impact character's approach. It could well be that the impact character is dealing with his/her own problem, or it might be simply that the impact character's influence happens in stages. That is, it starts somewhere, grows, reaches a climax, and then resolves (because the impact character's approach is discovered to be the right or wrong one in the end)

All characters are enriched by having their own problems/goals, but it is by observing the impact character that the main character gets an idea of a different approach. The main character's inner conflict thus becomes whether to stick with his current approach or to switch and adapt the impact character's. The MC can't know what the right choice is until the end of the story when he/she sees the results of the choice he/she has made at the climax.

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