I'm working on an outline that is close to heart...

by Jonathan
(New york)

Question: The little girl is dancer from a vampire/mafia family and I need feedback on my outline and I would like to meet experienced New York writers with positive attitudes only. I have a lot of ideas about my outline. I think she is accused of killing her parents in the middle of the story or maybe at the beginning.Her parents are putdown artists always telling her she is crazy and will never be a ballet dancer. They have money but wont even buy her cloths or pay for school. The other students hate her because they think she is rich. Also she is Jewish but this could be optional. Her family is Russian mafia. Did she really kill her mother and father. Or is she crazy and only thinks she did. Do I want the reader to guess? I don't even know if I want her to be a real killer or a victim of metal confusion. She is on the run from the cops,the mafia or the hospital, I don't know! She becomes a prostitute and crack addict in Brooklyn and eventually gets to Paris to continue her ballet education. Please help me with this great beginning. Also don't forget I would love to meet serious writers in NY or email writers who can give me advice,encouragement etc. I have studied the art of war for writers and bird by bird.

thanks, Jonathan

Answer: You have a lot of ideas here, and I would suggest you begin by deciding on the Story Goal. Figure out what this story is really about. You may find some ideas can be dropped while others need to be fleshed out.

I'm sure you will find plenty of writers' groups in New York. You might also consider an online forum such as:


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