I'm thinking on writing an animal fantasy novel or story.

Question: Ever since I've seen the Lego show:Legend of Chima I wanted to write an animal fantasy like "Chima" but better. For example there would be gorilla wizards, lion warriors, horse and cow farmers and so on.

But just how would I do that?

The animals will walk like animals, but will live and talk like humans.
So please just give my any ideas and help you can.

Answer: Writing this type of story (for a book or screenplay) is no different than writing any other fantasy. If you can create an interesting plot, believable characters, a story world that is richly detailed and consistent, and a main character whose inner conflict the reader can relate to, you are half-way there. (The other half has to do with style, vocabulary, voice etc. -- the actual writing.)

My guess is that your audience will be children, and that you will be writing either a chapter book (for ages 6-9) or a middle-grade novel (for ages 9-12. Books about anthropomorphized animals generally appeal less to older people.

The interesting thing about this type of story is that the characters are pretty much the same types you would find in any other fantasy. They are people first and animals second. Or perhaps you should think of then as people with special abilities that resemble animal traits. So give then real personalities.

At the same time, feel free to use archetypal characters with this age group. This group hasn't been reading long enough to have grown bored with them.

Finally, remember that children love humour and mystery as well as adventure.

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