I'm having trouble identifying place names, streets etc.

Question: Do places and locations have to be real if the story is made up? I'm having trouble with addresses and localities.

Answer: It's entirely your choice.

Some novels are set in fictitious places where the names are entirely made up.

Some settings are semi-fictitious. For instance, you could choose a real city, but create a non-existent street (just don't make it a major thoroughfare). Or you could invent a non-existent English village.

In other novels, the reality of the setting is an important part of the story and learning about the setting, at a particular time in history, is one of the things readers most enjoy.

If you want to use a contemporary real setting but are having trouble finding place names, I suggest you try Google maps. Not only does this service have most of the world's streets, it can also show you photographs of what the places look like.

If you are using a historical setting, you will have a harder time of it. You may need to find a research library to get copies of historical maps and discover what the place looked like at the time. Some internet sites may help with this.

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Sep 10, 2012
by: Collette Anderson

I am running out of words for the beginning of my chapter and the start of my paragraphs. What if any is there a place or dictionary of paragraphs and chapters starters can I read.

For ex: I may start my chapter with a conversation and a new paragraph with As she returns to the reality of what is now

However, or although or around 10:00 a.n the sun came out and she looked around thinking that she hard a knock at her door.

I am at wits end about what to do HELP

Sep 12, 2012
by: Glen

Just describe the action, simply and directly.

As a last resort, grab your favourite novel and take note of how that author begins paragraphs. Don't copy; just look for style.

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