If you are doing different POVs in third person, do you need to change the voice in each chapter?

Question: I'm writing my novel haphazardly e.g. writing the chapter I want to write today.

If write more than one chapter in a day, I change point of view too. I don't think that when writing them in succession, I change the voice. I know that doing so is important in first person but what about in third?

Thank you.

Answer: Simple answer: no.

Usually the narrator's voice remains consistent, whether that narrator is omniscient or limited. It makes sense to change voices when you change narrators (in first person), but in third person the narrator is the same for every POV character.

Of course, in close narration where you describe more of the POV character's inner thoughts and feelings, the feel of the POV will change, even if the style in which narrator describes the POV remains the same.

That's not to say you couldn't experiment with different voices, but it's a more literry technique. Also, the reader will wonder why the narrator appears to be different people or to have multiple personalities.

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