Question: The deuteragonist of my novel (I'm not quite sure how he would fit in on the Dramatica food chain) is the childhood friend and foil of the main character, and I confess I probably put just as much effort and attention, if not more, into his plot as to the main character's. The deuteragonist has an impulse disorder called intermittent explosive disorder, which causes spontaneous outbursts and uncontrolled violence and aggression, usually followed by both relief and remorse/embarrassment. His plotline mostly follows his struggles with relationships, mostly his relationship with the main character, and his own romance struggles. The main character is extremely supportive and does what he can for his best friend, but the deuteragonist stills feels ashamed and disgusted with himself at how his condition limits his ability to help the main character. Also, the deuteragonist has never had, or sought, a romantic link with anyone; he believes his disorder would make it impossible for someone to develop such feelings for him and that it would be foolish to try and change that. What I plan to have this all lead up to is a major emotional/philosophical/moral torment in the mind of the deuteragonist: What if he's just not meant to be good? What if he was born to hurt people? Is his friendship just a way of running from his true nature? His uncontrolled rage and lack of explanation for it (he knows he has this disorder, but it just isn't a sufficient explanation to him for some of the thoughts which come with his outbursts) lead him to question his purpose. My question is... does all this seem cheesy to you? I just really want a pro's input on this. Does such a storyline make sense? Do you have any ideas on how to make it better, or on what I'm mising? Should I abandon it altogether? ANY input is welcome. Thanks!

Answer: In Dramatica terms, this character sounds like he is fulfilling the role of the Emotion character, whose motivations are feeling and a lack of control.

From the brief description you've given, I don't see why you couldn't make this character's storyline work. Of course, it's all in the execution, isn't it?

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