I want to get my book printed

by John Tinklerjgtinkler

Question: I would like to know where I could get my book printed.

Answer If you just want to have a book printed, there are plenty of Print On Demand (POD) publishers who are happy to do so for a fee.

The advantage of POD is that you can print exactly the number of books you want. There is generally no minimum order. In addition, you can print them only as needed, so you don't get stuck with a basement full of books you've paid for but can't sell.

Some of the biggest POD publishers include iUniverse, Lulu, and CreateSpace.

Often, POD publishers will also provide editing, design, and marketing services, for an additional and sometimes hefty fee. These services are quite valuable if you want to sell your book, but you don't have to use the POD company's services. You can and should shop around to find the best deal on quality work.

Of course, you can also go the route of setting up your own publishing house and hiring a printing firm to create the books, but the learning curve is steeper and you may need to print a large quantity of books to be cost effective.

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