I don't know what title to give my story

by Katie

Question: I have found a plot for a story I like but i can't seem to think of a fitting title to call it. any ideas on how to come up with a great story title?

Answer: Finding the right title is a difficult yet crucial task, which is why most publishers insist that their marketing department has the final say on it.

For this reason, all the writer needs to produce is a working title, which takes some of the pressure off. Of course, it helps if your working title appeals to agents/publishers when you are marketing your work.

The ideal title will...

1. Target the audience; that is, catch the eye of those who love your particular genre. For this reason, the titles of many paranormal romance novels contain words like "dark," "wicked," or "seduction." The title of a children's novel is more likely to contain words like "adventure," "friends," or "school."

2. Suggest what is unique about your plot. This can contradict the above point. That's why this job is tricky.

3. Capture the voice, mood, or style of the book. Sometimes a key phrase from the book works well as the title - one that gives a little taste of your style and an indication of the book's theme.

4. If you're writing a series, you may want to have a word or phrase that will be included in the title of all the books in the series, such as "Clockwork" or "Harry Potter and the..."

5. Create a little mystery to awaken the reader's curiosity about the story, so they'll want to open the book.

It's all about making a promise to the reader that the book will fulfill. The worst thing would be to have a title that promises something different than what the book delivers, because then your reader will be disappointed. In other words, the picture on the box should match the contents.

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May 18, 2017
Story title
by: ImagineDragonsFan

Basically, I am writing a story about a girl who is literally radioactive (don't judge I have a weird imagination!) who is running from people who want to kill her and I need a really good title-I've already got the character's name (she's called Rockie)Any suggestions? Anyone?

May 25, 2017
Need help with Title ideas
by: Zoe

It is about a Princess of a Kingdom falling in love with the Princess of another. The Kingdoms are sworn enemies and the girls will surely be disowned and labled as traitors if they are found out.

Mar 24, 2021
Title help
by: Anonymous

It’s a remix of Betty and the beast and how the beast killed belles instead of the back plague and how belles mom and the beast used to date and them met belles father any ideas

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