How to write the content of my book title

by Kim
(United States)

Question: I want to write a short informative book about the life of fostering children and what I think or can prove has helped children to be successful and change while in TFC. I am having trouble creating chapters or deciding on the argument, evidence and or ideas. I don't know how to start what I would call experience as a foster care parent book. Can you give me some prompters???

Answer: So much depends on the type of experience or research you bring to the topic. You want to figure out what the unique selling point of your book is. What unique perspective or advice you can offer?

For instance, if you have a lengthy experience with one particular child or group of children, you might organize the book chronologically, describing your successes and failures over time. This would be a narrative approach.

If you have experience with many children over time, you might choose specific children as case studies to illustrate aspects of your overall approach. Each chapter would present one aspect and one case study.

If your focus is primarily on the research rather than experience, you might break the topic into sub-topics, arrange them in order of importance, and perhaps use a variety of children as examples.

At some point, you will find it helpful to write an introduction or opening chapter that summarizes that unique selling point - whether it is the key message you want to convey, a research discovery, your unique experience as a foster parent, or a perspective on the lives of foster children.

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