How to write in the right way

by Emily

Question: I want to write a romance novel about someone who every day deals with everyone else's problems but cannot deal with her own love life problems. I don't know how to tell the story if that makes sense? First, second or third person? What is best when it is about the character who causes and solves the problems? Is it best writing the book from their point of view or having a narrator?

Answer: It's standard practice in romance fiction to tell the story from the point of view of the female lead (with the male lead often as a secondary point-of-view character). You want your reader to empathize with the main character, which is harder to do if you are using an omniscient narrator or having a third character as narrator.

So that means writing from the female lead's point of view using either first person narration or limited third person.

I'm guessing the story goal in this case will be for her to conceive a new idea - the idea that it is okay for her to look after herself, not just other people. The male lead, as impact character, would be someone who knows how to look after his own interests, or to look after others without sacrificing his own interests.

(In fact, from his point of view, she could help him learn to think more about other people while, from her point of view, he could teach her to look after her own needs. Each would be impact character to the other, and their relationship would be about finding the balance.)

Just a suggestion.

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