How To write from the perspective of a blind person?

by Austin

Question I have two protagonists, one of whom is blind. So far I've tried to use more details regarding the other senses and simply never put in sight descriptions. Another thing I should mention is that both the characters are in the same location for the majority of the novel, so is this a problem? Is there a better way I can handle this?

Answer: Assuming you are writing from the blind character's perspective, this sounds like a fine approach to take. Having the second character present at the site sounds like an advantage. The seeing character could tell the blind character about things that can only be perceived by sight. This could help you (the writer) handle some otherwise difficult description problems.

Of course, you want your blind character to have an interesting and appealing voice, so the reader wants to spend some time in his head, but that's true for all main characters.

If you haven't already, you might want to do some research or interviews with a blind person to get a good sense of how they navigate using their other senses.

Best of luck.

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