how to know if I have the talent to become an author.

by Gina Olivares
(Los Angeles, CA)

Hi my name is Gina and the idea of becoming an author has always being in my head and in my heart. I am a house wife, which means I work 24/7, but if you ask me the best job I have always dreamed of has being becoming an author. I can say I'm not bad at writing stories. I've written a couple of short stories fiction and non-fiction. Once I wrote two short stories, one for my daughter and another one for my niece at a school story contest. I know that's cheating but happy to say my niece got 2nd place. Lol. If there is any author who can donate their time for me to send them my stories, I would appreciate your time and any advise would be welcome. Thank You.

Response: Hi Gina,

Regardless of talent, time is the crucial investment one must make. And for a busy person, it can be challenging. Some people can make do with half an hour a day set aside for writing - which can add up if you are disciplined. But you need time to practise so you can get better.

It may also help you to take a creative writing course, either online or through the continuing education department of a local college. If nothing else, it may help you decide if writing is for you. The discipline of having to meet deadlines for assignments can also be good motivation.

Writing is a tough profession to break into, but you may do it first for enjoyment, in your spare time. If you start getting good feedback from people you share your writing with, you can take the next step.

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