How to find an agent?

by Selina
(Menominee, MI)

Question: I never have a problem writing, I do get occasional writers block but I'm not sure where to even start to find someone to read my book. Where should I look?

Answer: Before you look for an agent, you might consider joining a writers group, going to a conference, approaching a local writer-in-residence, or taking a course. The purpose would be to get some feedback on your writing.

Before you start approaching agents, you want to make sure what you have to offer is a fully-polished and professional quality work.

Once you are confident you have a book that is as good as you can make it, you can start researching agents. Good places to start are website such as...

Preditors & Editors
Publisher's Marketplace

It can also be valuable to go to a writing conference where agents and editors are guest speakers/workshop leaders.

You want to look for agents who are interested in the type of book you have to offer. Don't just submit to any and all agents.

Each agent will post their submission guidelines on their website, which tell you what they are looking for and how you should approach them. Follow these guidelines.

You will likely need to send a query letter to each of the agents you have identified.

I've explained the process in more detail here...

Be patient. It can take some time to find the right person for you and your project.

Best of luck.

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