How Do The Publishing Industry Like (Ancient) Chinese Stories

by Nicolas
(Guangzhou, China)

Question: Hi.I am a Chinese college student aspiring to write a story on a royal family set in ancient China in English, and would like to make it known. Nevertheless I am concerned about the possibility of my writing being immediately ignored by the Western publishing industry simply because that sort of story is totally not marketable?

Answer There is always a market for well written stories (in fact, quality of writing is probably the most important factor). If you can create an emotionally compelling plot as well, you stand a good chance of being publishable.

As for the subject matter... Historical fiction is a well established genre. Many English readers like stories set in the past and in places outside Western countries. Exotic settings are appealing becaue they give readers the chance to learn about and immerse themselves in cultures and lifestyles outside their own daily experience.

So I wouldn't worry about the marketability of your idea. Just focus on writing the best story you can.

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Mar 11, 2017
I agree (-:
by: Devora Isael

The nicest thing that a person can write is what he knows more than others.
If John Grisham was writing about something else rather than law I wonder if he was so successful.
Sure the result will be better if you write about China than about the West...
Good luck!

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