Help with 19th century warfare.

by Mike

Question: Hello, my name is Michael and I am planning on writing a novel set during the early 19th century; the story is from the viewpoint of two footsoldiers in the Russian army. However I find that writing 19th century combat to be very difficult compared to modern day combat. I have written several short stories focusing on battles and every single one I am very dissatisfied with. Do you know any ways to make 19th combat interesting and not repetitive?

Answer: Not being an expert in military history, all I can suggest here is that you do your research. Read up on famous 19th century battles and military strategy. Check out the people who reenact these events using period equipment. Choose or create a very specific piece of terrain where the battle takes place. Perhaps work out the timeline for the battle - what's happening when and where - so you can take your characters through it authentically. Every soldier on the field has a slightly different experience. It's the details from their perspective that will make the battle come alive.

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