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Question: What does it mean when a teacher ask you to write about events that are connected to the plot of a novel?

Answer: First, you should probably be asking your teacher this question, because curricula differ.

However, here's how I would interpret the question...

As Aristotle pointed out, a story (or plot) is a series of events linked by cause and effect that show a change in fortune for a character.

Generally, a plot revolves around an attempt to solve a problem, achieve a goal, or rebalance an inequity. This can take a huge variety of forms, such as "kill the monster" (The Hobbit), win the heart of the princess (The Great Gatsby), or bring peace to the community (Romeo & Juliet).

When you get a question like this, you might try working backwards. Ask yourself what the plot is about. What big goal is accomplished in the story? What situation is resolved?

Now see if you can identify the steps, linked by cause and effect, that bring about that result. Those are the "events connected to the plot."

Novels will often have other events that illustrate themes, chart the main character's inner conflict, explore relationships, etc. So exclude these and just focus on the key events that lead to the goal being achieved (or not).

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