Hello again Glen! But I'm more confused on the flush left...


So Glen, Are you saying at the top of my word that I should pick the view of moving all written material to the left? And then the ragged, I have no clue about this. Below is your answer and could you tell me in more detail about this?

"Yes, manuscript pages should be flush left and ragged right. Otherwise, the word processor varies the spacing between words making the text harder to read."

So as in writing a personal letter, I just center all to the left, and this is what you want?

Also I know a man who wrote a book, but it's being sold by Amazon, but all complain that the sentences are all torn apart while getting it by Kindle, I'm very concerned that I must be writing two different ways, so that kindle and e-books as my regular book needs to be aware that my book could be made into those methods?

Also I'm reading too much about the rules, as read every book about concerning my subject that I've stopped writing, for fear that I have to write with all perfectly conditions such as word count, back stories and the sagging middle etc.

My father told me that a writer needs to write every day--in which I'm not doing--for I'm scared my writing will have to start from scratch for not knowing the presentation of a basic fictional novel that I'm wanting as a four book series, but each book is a completed book by itself.

Also what do you mean when you say you are writing with Canadian spelling? I see your writing as normal, but
want to know everything, before I finish my two outlines, again u r awesome! Thankx,

Response First of all, relax.

Second, take a look at some documents (letters, reports, etc.) Chances are you will see that all the lines begin at the same place on the left hand side (apart from indentation at the start of paragraphs). That's what I mean by flush left. On the right hand side, the lines end at slightly different places. That's called ragged alignment. Any word processor can be set to do this automatically, and most do it by default.

Next, the format you use when creating a manuscript is not the same as in an ebook or printed book. Manuscript format is designed to be easy for editors to read. In the publishing process, the manuscript is converted into the right format for the chosen medium, generally by a designer who knows his/her stuff. Some self-published books turn out poorly because the self-publisher doesn't take the time to do it right.

Writing every day is a great discipline to adopt, but not everyone does it. Just make sure you have some time set aside for your writing on a regular basis. Don't worry about formatting. You can do that after you've written your story. And don't worry too much about rules. The rules are there to give you ideas about how to write better, not to stop you from writing.

Finally, Canadian spelling is somewhere between American and British spelling. For instance, Canadians write "theatre" rather than "theater" and spell "honour" with a "u" which Americans don't. But Canadians write "airplane" not "aeroplane" as the British do.


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