Have no idea where to begin writing a novel?

by Teresa
(Nashville, Mi)

Question: My question with novel writing is where do I begin? I have an idea but have no idea how to even get started?

Answer: There are two main approaches.

1. Start with the scene that is already in your mind--whether it's the first scene, the climax, or the end. Write that scene. Then write another. Repeat until you have a huge sprawling mess of scenes that you can then edit together into a full manuscript. (Don't worry too much about revising until you have finished the first draft.)

If you get stuck, perhaps because some sections you've written are starting to contradict other sections, or you find you are losing sight of where the story is going, or you're losing enthusiasm, switch to the following approach...

2. Start by making an outline. Use these articles to help you...




Make sure your outline fits the story you want to write and feel passionate about.

You can also make character sketches, research settings, or design a story world. Make sure that the more you do this, the more you fall in love with your story.

Once you feel you are as planned as you need to be, switch to the first approach and start writing the story.

P.S. It helps if you set aside a certain period of time each day to write (say 2 hours) so that when you sit down to write you remember what you were thinking the last time.

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