Hard to describe thrilling moments

by Dionne

Question: So I'm writing this adventure story and find it very hard to write moments that are suppose to keep readers on the edge of their seats and excited like The Hunger Games series. How should I make the moments look more thrilling?

Answer: Some of this comes with practice and learning to follow your own feelings as you write. (If you're not emotionally moved by a scene, most likely no one else will be either.)

If you're writing a novel where action and thrills matter, then don't hold back on these. Keep asking yourself questions like, "What could go wrong?" or "What would make the problem/situation even worse?" Make your characters suffer or face the worst possible challenges.

Another plank is structure. Remember that scenes, just like whole novels, start off heading in one direction, then complications arise (opposing characters, problems, etc.) They have a climax - a decision or action - and a resolution.

The difference is that the resolution of a scene usually sends the characters in a new direction, so the reader will turn the page to see what happens next.

Suspense matters, as well. So, in the first part of the novel, try raising new questions more often than you provide answers.

That said, remember to balance your plot as well. If your characters are paying steep costs for pursuing the goal, give them some dividends as well. Let them have small victories along the way, alternating these with setbacks.

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