Great advice about accidental rewrites, now I have a problem with facts concerning things


Question: Ok...I'm writing a 4 book set about something that was actual in the bible, Torah etc. but mine is fiction but have trouble with facts, like I'm looking for a small remote town of about 2000 close enough for a 45 minute ride including the ferry to get to the woman's shrink in Seattle. I'm wondering if I should find an actual town on google or make it up?

But if I start using real things, then I'm afraid to own responsibility concerning the place or certain wines etc. This is a love story and fiction; however I'm trying to warm it up by personalizing it. However; I'm having problems with worry about using at times made up things and then using real!


Answer: The compromise many writers make is to use an actual town as the model for the one in your story, but change the town's name and some of the details, turning it into a fictional setting.

The advantage is that you can incorporate many actual features of the real town, creating a very believable world for the story, but you are not required to make your town an exact duplicate. You have the artistic license to change details to fit your story better.

It also means that no one in the town can be offended by anything you write about the town and its people.

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