Good Book?

by Beth

Question: I really like this and I'm glad I found it. I just have one question....

I have a lot of ideas I want to mix together to create one, cohesive story but I keep thinking that my idea is boring/uninteresting and I don't know if it will even work. How can I find if this idea would be good and might make a decent book?

Answer: If you think the story is dull, chances are your reader will too. You should revise until it is a story you feel emotionally moved by.

Improving the story structure should help. Start by incorporating the 8 plot elements...

Make sure you have your dramatic arcs worked out...

If you still don't feel excited about the story then either brainstorm different possibilities or get a new idea.

But most often when a story feels flat it's because it's missing some of the basic elements such as Story Goal, Consequence, conflict (external and internal), an appealing main character, etc. These elements are what create emotional engagement.

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