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Question: Hi - I'm writing a story with four main characters, who each live in the same apartment over a thirty year period. I guess it's a coming of age/realisation as the MC is one and the same. He goes through four stages as he is trying to discover himself. I'm not sure what genre classification that would be. Please help.

Answer: I sounds to me like you are writing Literary fiction.

Literary fiction readers want novelty of some kind, often novelty in the style or approach to story telling. Presenting one character as four separate characters would seem to qualify.

Also the quest to discover oneself sounds like a fairly internal process, and literary fiction tends to emphasize the interior rather than external plot.

Finally, to distinguish among these four characters, you may need to use a slightly different voice, so style will matter. Again, this is typical of literary fiction.

Best of luck.

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Apr 27, 2019
by: Anonymous

Thank you :-)

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