From one story to a completely different story.

by Morgan M.
(Oshkosh, WI,Omro)

Question: When you write one short story do you stick with that one story or can you make another completely different after that one?

Answer: You are free to write whatever interests you at any given time. In fact, that's the only way to stay interested and passionate about your writing. Some writers write many stories that take place within the same story world or that involve the same character or characters. Other writers do not. But it's your choice.

The only time this can change is if you are very lucky and you publish a book that sells so many copies that the publisher offers you a contract to write a sequel (or possible more than one sequel).

You may have a similar experience if you are writing fan fiction and one of your stories is so popular that you get a lot of people asking for a sequel. In that case, and assuming you are still interested in your characters, you may give in to popular demand.

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