Fonts and font sizes in fantasy

by Lee Leeder

Question: I have just completed writing a fantasy novel which is aimed at the young adult market and was wondering what the best font and font size would be for this type of novel. I have written it in Garamond 11 but not sure if this is correct or even too small as I wear glasses and really cannot judge this.

Answer: The standard font for manuscripts, regardless of genre, is Courier 12 point. This font allows the same amount of space for each letter, just like an old typewriter, which makes it easier for editors to estimate word counts (not the actual number of words, but how much paper it will take to print the book).

While you're at it, make sure you double-space everything. You want a 60-stroke line and 25 lines per page.

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Mar 21, 2013
Fonts and font sizes
by: Anonymous

Thank you. I am planning to self publish this as i did with my poetry book. I forgot to mention that in my question but you have told me exactly what I need to know.

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