Follow Up on Writing a Portion of A Sermon Into My Story

by Laurie


One of the characters in my manuscript is a minister and I asked you about how to write a portion of his sermon into the story. You said that there should be a quotation mark at the beginning of each paragraph and a quotation mark after the final paragraph. I like your suggestion of breaking it up and writing about the reactions of his love interest who is in the congregation listening. I also want to describe the minister's actions and voice tone as he is speaking to make it more visual to the reader.

I just want to clarify how I go about doing that with all of the breaks in the sermon. Should I put a quotation mark at the beginning of each paragraph and, when I break from the sermon, add the quotation mark at the end of the paragraph; then start again with the quotation mark when I return to the sermon? I anticipate breaking quite a bit to add description and bringing the love interest's reactions into the story so, at times, the paragraphs may only be a few sentences.

I hope this question makes sense to you.

Thanks, Glen!

Answer: Yes, that's the way you would do it. The only thing I would add is that when you return to the sermon after a break, you may need to add either a speech tag (e.g. The Minister continued,) or a bit of action on the Minister's part to make it clear to the reader know that you are returning to the sermon.

You have to use your judgment on this, because it's not always necessary.

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