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by Leon
(Shallotte, NC USA)

Question: I have a question about first person narration. The story is non-fiction, but I am wondering which is correct to use; "Your author" or "I" and "me."

Answer: In cases where you are the sole author of the book, it would be conventional to refer to yourself as "I."

"Your author," sounds a little old-fashioned and pretentious -- as though you are wrapping yourself up in a fancy title and creating a separation between you and your reader.

What you should be doing in nonfiction is connecting with your reader in a very intimate way. And in an intimate conversation, you would not refer to yourself in the third person. Try to imagine your reader sitting on a sofa with you, or perhaps on the next barstool. As much as possible, talk to the reader like he/she is your best friend.

If you are writing with a partner, things get a little more confusing and you may want to refer to each author by name, as in third person narration, to be clear whose experience you are recounting at the moment.

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May 26, 2015
Thanks for your help
by: Leon

In putting together a collection of short stories, I have used first person narration in some of them and "your author" in others. Thanks to your answer, which makes complete sense, I have made a decision to change all to the more personal first person "I".Kudos to your website and thanks again for your help. I will recommend your site. Leon

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