First Novel have a broad concept but struggling with specifics.

by Nathan Mitchell

Question: I have never attempted to construct anything further than a couple of pages of fiction before this. However being inspired by epic ideas such as, The Lord Of The Rings and The Matrix. Naturally I have always wanted to apply my passion of enjoying a story, in to making my own. I have my broad concept of what I want it to involve and some themes I want the novel to convey, but it just seems so daunting and impossible to start constructing a proper timeline of events.

The idea I have so far, is that a dictatorship style government known as "The Order" controls people through a substance known as Era. This substance allows people to live for a long period of time and enhances their physical and mental capacity slightly. The substance is administered through wrist pumps that are managed by The Order. However the quality of life is low for most people and the whole dynamic of long life has changed society in many ways which I hope to explore philosophically in the novel. The Order has law that is omnipotent and unregulated and not accountable to the media or other branches of government. One of these laws is that no one can have children. This is advertised by the order as a way of sustaining a world whose population last so long. The real reason you discover however is that ERA can be genetically inherited through those whose parents have been administered ERA synthetically. Thus it creates New Gens children who live outside The Orders control but who
are more powerful as there era is part of there actual DNA so some develop unique powers (superhero style They are born as criminals in cases where women's maternal instincts have led them to defy The Order.

I want this novel to be about one of the children who can manipulate era in others. It will tell the tale of how he learns to survive, progress his power and eventually lead a revolution to destroy Era itself. This will constantly follow a narrative of debate on the ethics and philosophy behind all aspects of the new society and different groups beliefs and involvement with the plot.

What I am struggling with is the timeline and clearing it up so I can finally start.

Any advise on where to go, what you like or hate? or some ideas to be thrown at me? Thanks in advance!

Answer: Your premise is fine. Let me refer you to some key articles on this site that may help you clarify how your story will unfold.

The first article will help you make sure your plot is balanced, by including the 8 primary elements...

Next, consider the W-Plot model and the drivers. This will help you create the main dramatic arc of your story and the essential turning points...

Not-so-finally, this article will help you develop the subjective, emotional side of the story by developing all four throughlines...

If you follow the advice in these three, you should have a very solid outline of your story that will make it much easier for you to proceed.

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Mar 08, 2014
Write Your Novel From The Middle
by: Brent King

I just thought I would add a concept outlined by James Scott Bell in his latest book: writing your novel from the middle.

It's just another concept to help us get a good grip on writing.

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