Finish or not to finish, that is the question.

by Nicholas
(Madison,TN, USA)

Question: I know its a crazy question but, I've got a summary for a storyline written already. Should I just create it now and add filler later, or add filler now and finish the line later? I wrote points but not all points are connected in theory just yet.

Answer: Every writer has their own approach to this problem -- and some take a different approach with each project.

My advice is to write when you feel empowered, when the story is clear in your mind and you are excited about writing it.

If you get stuck, if you lose the passion or your sense of what the story is about, then go back and do some outlining. Get clear on what the story is about, the external and internal arcs, the themes, etc.

Alternate between these approaches when you need to so that you keep moving forward.

(By the way: there's no such thing as filler. Everything in your novel should be there because it needs to be there for the reader to fully appreciate the story. Anything not necessary should be cut. Just bear in mind that what is necessary is not just the external events. It may also include -- depending on the story -- the characters' internal arcs, the relationship arcs, sensory details, setting, reflection, theme illustrations, subplots, etc.)

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