fantasy novel problems

by Hector Morales
(San Diego, CA)

Question: I am thinking of writing a retelling of king arthur, which would include most of the characters of the king arthur world, but there is a twist. Instead of making Sir Arthur the king I want to make Sir Lancelot the new and dark king. The novel would be called Lancelot: The Dark King. I am thinking of instead of Sir Arthur and Lancelot be friends forever, I want Sir Lancelot to betray Arthur and make an army and battle Sir Arthur to the end. I want King Lancelot to be Trajan or Augustus I want him to conquer almost half of the world. I want the dark king to be the greatest soldier and king of a time and I want him to create the biggest and most dangerous army in the world. Would this be too much or a good story plot for my book? Is this considered too dark or good enough for a novel? Also is the title a good one, or should I change it at the end when I am finished with the book?

Answer: I see no problem with your idea. Arthurian stories have always been popular and new twists on the legend are fun for readers familiar with the original.

One recommendation I would make is that you familiarize yourself well with the Arthurian legends. Arthur fans tend to be knowledgeable, and it is better if you are just as knowledgeable so you can purposefully choose when to be faithful to the legend and when to do a twist on it. Your twist will affect other aspects of the legend, and you want to be able to take these into account. (For instance, what will you do with Guinevere Mordred, Morgan Le Faye, Merlin, Galahad, and other well-known characters?)

Regarding titles... all you need right now is a working title which you will use to pitch the finished draft to agents or publishers. The final title is often chosen by the publisher, based on their knowledge of what will attract readers. Your proposed title is fine for now, but don't get too attached.

Best of luck.

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