Fantasy, Historical Fiction, and Romance?

by Dea
(Jakarta, Indonesia)

Question: So I have this story where the culture, mythology, and some races are based on Ancient Greek mythology, and culture, have some magic and lots of battle took place, and the main character, who I classified as a young adult, experiences war and also love. She also has to go on a journey before making a comeback. Now I'm confused what genre my story belongs to. Please help me.

Answer: Anytime you have a story world where magic takes place, you're in the realm of fantasy.

You cannot call your story a Historical, because historical fiction depends on great attention to historical accuracy. Historical fiction set in ancient Greece might include people's beliefs in gods and magic, but making magic (or mythological creatures) real in the story takes it out of the real world and turns it into fantasy.

If your story is written from a young adult point of view, it's most likely to appeal to a young adult audience, so you would probably classify the story as YA Fantasy.

The fact that you have some adventure (journey and return) and romance elements is of no matter, since they are both quite common in fantasy. (The Romantic relationship would have to be the central focus in order to call the story a Romance.)

Best of luck.

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