Falling in love with the villain

by Carmen

Question: Ok as the title says...

I have just got this crazy fantasy/sci-fi novel I want to write and this crazy idea came to me.

What if the protagonist falls in love with the antagonist not knowing the antagonist is the antagonist.

Can that work?

My protagonist pretty much is ripped from her fantasy world into modern society and struggles to survive in our worlds, she gets a job and suddenly meets a very charming man who she doesn't know is the antagonist.

Will it be a problem to do something like that?

Answer: No problem at all.

The challenge for her is what to do when she finds out the truth about this guy, as I assume she must in order to have a chance at achieving the story goal.

I'm guessing the antagonist is also the impact character who will likely be manipulating her - attempting to get her to change and become more like him, or to become something that would further his interests? So the revelation of his true nature will create a crisis in the relationship throughline (Can we continue?), as well as the main character throughline (Do I become like him or remain true to my old self?), and that the answers to these questions will give the main character what she needs to resolve the overall throughline (What will become of this world?).

I'm just speculating here, of course, since I don't know your story. But these are the typical types of questions that need to be answered.

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