Empty Space

by Rachel

Question: So I'm writing a story. I have everything I want planned, and yet there's an empty place. The main character is a part of a prophecy and when told about it, she doesn't believe. I know I want the others to go through 'trials' to try to prove it to her, but I don't have an idea of what they should be. Any advice on how to figure it out?

Answer: When stuck for a creative idea, there are a handful of tricks that can work, such as...

1. Focus. Sometimes it's simply a matter of asking yourself questions about this problem, to keep your subconscious working on it in a relaxed but focused way.
2. Play. Have fun writing down answers that you know won't work, or putting twists on ideas without worrying if they make sense (sooner or later, one of them might).
2. Relaxation. Long walks are good, or any relaxing activity that takes your mind off the problem (and reduces the tension surrounding it). I know this is the opposite of number 1. But oddly, that's how it works.
3. Spending Time With It. Don't be afraid to sit with a problem for a long time until a solution emerges. An hour or more of relaxed, focused pondering can work wonders.
4. Spending Time Away from It. It can also work to put aside the problem for a time and work on something else for a few days - maybe another part of the story that you can do easily - so that you can look at this area again later with fresh eyes.

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