Dracula name

by Armando Sanchez
(Houston,Tx. USA)

Question: Do I need permission to use the name of Dracula in a novel? My idea is to have his son as my main character and Dracula as secondary character.

Answer: As always, I must say that I am not a lawyer and cannot give legal advice.

However, the general rule is that a work is under copyright until fifty years after the author's death, after which it passes into public domain. Since Bram Stoker (who wrote Dracula) died in 1912, I think you are on pretty safe ground--so long as you only borrow from the original novel and not a more recent adaptation of the Dracula story.

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Aug 25, 2014
You're safe
by: Anonymous

The 50 years rule applies, plus Dracula is used by pretty much everyone these days and I doubt they all pay anyone; It's why he's such a popular character.

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