Don't know my main charachter

by kate

If I have already started but don't know my main character what do I do? Will I start again?

Answer: Some writers, namely pantsers, prefer to discover their character through the writing process. They simply start writing and look for the character to reveal himself as the story progresses.

Other writers (plotters) prefer to do detailed character sketches and possibly research before they begin to write.

A third type starts off as a pantser. They write something off the top of their head with little forethought. Then, when they get stuck, they go back and do some plotting and planning. When they feel they know enough to continue and they are feeling inspired again, they go back to the writing. This process may repeat itself.

You have to find your own best way of working. Take whatever approach keeps you inspired for the greatest percentage of time.

It may be that you discover you don't have a character that can inspire you to keep writing, and you have to begin again. But sometimes a little pause for plotting can help you realize that a change in the character can re-inspire you.

Best of luck

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